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2006-08-13 20:55:23 (UTC)

Little Things

Sometimes there are things I see or think about or have done
and then forget all about if I don't capture them in words.
Carol K. lives in the country and has a lovely flower
garden. She always brings beautiful bouquets to decorate the
church on Sunday mornings. Sometimes they are a wild and
wonderful mix of wildflowers and grasses and other times
only two colors of one kind of flower--camelias, roses,
iris, sweet peas, snap dragons--in pink and white, red and
purple, orange and yellow. This morning she brough a
bouquet of irises. All were a dark purple except one which
was an extraordinary soft shade of green. Beautiful!
One of my classmates and his wife had a gorgeous baby girl
last month--Amelie Gabrielle is her name. I knit a hat for
her in Baby Cashmerino yarn. You can see that yarn here:

I knit the hat in light pink and used a mock baby cable
pattern. I put it in a little pink and yellow gift bag and
gave it to my classmate the first day of our last class
week-end. The next day his wife came to class with their
baby and little Amelie was wearing the hat I'd knitted!
What fun! It's not often I get to see a little baby
actually wearing a hat I've made!
Sugar still hasn't come back. I do think he's gone for
good. Sometimes I think I hear him at the door, asking to
be let in, but there's no one there. I dreamed about him a
few nights ago. I miss him and wish I knew what had
happened to him.