Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2006-08-13 02:52:37 (UTC)

Me a prego???

We had an incident a few months ago and i had to have an
abortion, it was literally the hardest thing i had to do. I
love him and we are getting married but children are not in
the plans right now. especially not for me. I want some but
not right now. I have the feeling that he may have done it
on purpose. He told me that he doesnt want to lose me and
for lack of a better sense if he has to trap me he is all
for it. I told him that im not going anywheere as long as
he dont fuck up and that a kid isnt going to keep me around
if i dont want to be around. B did the same thing and it
did work for him, D admitted he thought about it on more
than one occasion. What is it about me that people think
i'll make the perfect mother for there offsprings. Now
after that we had sex and he talked me into not using a
condom, i agree that it feels different and i have spoiled
him so much because we havent used one in so long. That y i
was like why did i get prego then we had been fine for a
long time and every month my friend came to visit, he told
me hecould hold it. Which is why i was like WTF when i read
the test. Now i dont know if im prego because we didnt use
a condom that last time and i couldnt make it to the doc
for a morn after pill. i dont start my bc till later this
week, but i cant start it if im prego. My mind keeps racing
i dont have the uneasy feeling i had the last time so i may
be worrying over nothing. I hope him isnt trying to trap me
on the low thats usually what chicks do to the guy. I'll
keep you posted with the news. IM PRO-CHOICE 100% no man is
changing that.

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