Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2006-08-13 02:39:41 (UTC)

Jerk Im Sick leave me alone

Why is that when I am sick, or dont feel well i get all the
attention is the world. Im not talking about people just
trying to get at me i mean everyone wants to talk to you.
When people are sick they dont like to be bothered this is
hieghten when they are broke and have to go to work, man
would i love a luxury life where i didnt have to do that.
But im at work, i think i have a fever, i cant
talk...because my voice was stolen by the window draft a
few nights before, its 10 am, and im here when i should be
in the bed, with the Vicks. Did i mention im sick with a
summer cold. how messed up is that. On the real though
normally I am really a nice person. If you are nice to
people, people will either be nice to you or be nice to
someone else because of you. All i wanted to do is go to
sleep, but i have 16 year old trying to persude me to tell
the guy i work with that they are 18, smelling like breast
milk. That boy know his mom would whup his ass if she knew
he was down there trying to get cancer sticks. Then you
have the people who ask for direction BUT cant speak
fucking english- LITERALLY!!!! This is Americar, learn the
fucking language, if i was in your country i would have to
know yous. At that point after i repeat myself and showed
him on the map 5 damn times i wanted to tell him :What the
fuck are you talking about are you really this fucking slow
or are you just fucking wit me because deep down you know
im sick and your pissing me off DUMBASS KEEP STRAIGHT 20
MINS and turn LEFT!!!!! Now on my way home i have cars
honking, dudes leaning out the car about to have accidents,
hell you would think i was walking naked instead of jeans
and a t-shirt. Then this one guy in a huge Mac Honked his
horn for my attention giving me an instant headache. Today
was not a good day for me.

On a lighter note i still feel like shit but atleast im at
home in bed. oh yeah did i mention tthat i think my fiance
is trying to knock me up?