2006-08-11 21:12:51 (UTC)

A New Quilt!

After straightening up my sewing room, vacuuming and
dusting, I went through the quilt tops I'd been working on
but nothing appealed to me. There was nothing for it but to
start another quilt top which is what I've done. I'm making
Cottage Flowers, a Jan Patek pattern, which is in her book
"Simple Pleasures". It is a totally scrap quilt with half
the blocks assorted appliqued primitive flowers and the
other half pieced stars. I've pulled fabrics I want to use
and cut out the first block and it's ready to be appliqued.

I left for the conference in Eugene this morning at 6:30
a.m. as I'd promised to help with registration. I didn't
stay for the entire day of presentations but left early so I
could make a blackberry pie this afternoon. I'll send a
couple of slices with John tomorrow for Owen.

Tonight we are having the perfect summer meal. The weather
is supposed to be in the 80's for the next few days. Lovely!