This is the beloved air I breathe
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2006-08-09 20:00:39 (UTC)

The reality of fulfillment

A force stronger than gravity

An invitation
A faint glimmer of hope
This could be real
The rumors might be true.

“A better life awaits”
I hear whispered in my ear.
I summon the courage
To hold out just long enough.

Not an empty promise of a better life
But a yearning
To hope
That there is something more
Something eternally more significant.
A calling
To trust
To believe
To know

As a child
Before the shadow of life
Has drowned out the faith
And replaced it with fear,
I choose to believe.

I accept the invitation
To walk out onto the dance floor.
I begin to allow the rhythm
To flow through my body.
I will sit this out no longer.

I acknowledge my thirst
And recognize
That the knowledge of my unmet desire
Is the first step in experiencing
An absolute quenching of the soul.
I see through the un relentless hunger
Through the shadow
Of this world’s fulfillment
Through my perceived ideal
To something more real
Than reality itself.

I declare with trembling hope
With my hands held out in faith
“A better life awaits”

C – Elizabeth Jones 8/9/06