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2001-10-09 19:17:58 (UTC)

bored, again...

I am bored again today, I didnt write yesterday cause I was
busy. I went down to an employment place to see if maybe
they can place me, and hopefully they will. I did,
however, get a job offer to work at an insurance/credit
card office, but I declined because in order to work there,
you had to have A credit, they had to do a credit check on
you to be emloyeed, and I dont have that much credit, Im
young, it is not bad, it is that I dont have enough, so I
decided to screw that idea, I only want my credit checked
if Im going to buy something... So, Im sitting at home,
again, in my business suit clothes, thinking of what to do
I do have a promotion gig down at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville
tonight for Flickerstick. I am meeting up with other top
promoters of the band, and were going to figure out a way
to get more people to the show. Cause they are playing
here on Thursday, just two days away. Their opening band,
Rubyhorse, I think they are pretty good, never seen them
before, but if they are flickersticks friends, they gotta
be good... I cant wait to see them... I better get back
to work, looking for a job that is... After I take a nap, I
just got back from lunch with my boyfriend and an old co-
worker. Jen

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