48 shades of darkness
2006-08-09 04:53:39 (UTC)

wishing gets me no where

I look at the pictures and the memories still remain
you were once my girl, I wish you would have stayed
so beautiful you are, but you are so far (away)
Never have I felt love like I have for you
you know when its real, you know when its true
looking through my mind to see what went wrong
dont know why I was strung along
Was it my fault? was it me?
If so... why?
You drove me crazy with all the things you've done
Why'd you have to lie?
Why'd you make me die?
Time has passed and I never stopped thinking of you
I asked myself why?
But I didn't have an answer
I only had love
I once had said "we were soul mates"
It could be true
But I'm mostlikely wrong
like most things in my life
I see them one way
Only for them to turn the other way
I drive myself crazy hoping things will change
Hoping you'll want me
I know I'm wishing
wishing you'll say
I love you, be with me forever, forever as my one and only
Wishing gets me nowhere, but insane
being without you for so long
thats the real pain!