48 shades of darkness
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2006-08-09 03:57:54 (UTC)

Need to

I need to let go of all the memories
I need to let go of the past
get through the reality of
a never ending battle
Still haunts me after all this
still around eventhough I died
I need to stop living in the past
I need to forget all about you
get through another day of
being around you
Still feel after all this time
after everything that was done
still cant let go of you
I need to get away from it all but it still follows me
You would think after all this time you would be nothing to
Am I wrong for still wanting you?
Am I wrong for all that I do?
I cant say, but all I know is....
I need to... I need to... I need to......

But it's hard when your heart was all you had to give,
still all yours, I can't get it back!