48 shades of darkness
2006-08-09 03:43:00 (UTC)

starring at the walls

Now I'm here staring at the walls,
keep on staring till I fall
fall down on my knees
keep begging, begging please
make this stop, stop thinking of her
and all the feelings that i feel
cant heal when I see her face see her smile
see her take
take me in once again, this time as her friend
but I know
she needs me now!
Keep on hiding, hiding her emotions
always have and always will
till shes drunk and tells me how
how much she cares and she wants me
bit of a lie till she wakes
wakes and then she fakes
fake it all cause cant get involved
Now I'm here again
I need her hand need her embrace
I just can not take it
Now I'm falling to pieces thinking of when
when things will ever end
end to begin a new time for us to be
be the way it should have always been
I see her daughter and I cry
cry on the inside, I wish she was mine
so sweet and beautiful, shes not mine to have and to hold
to hold all night and when shes sick, be called daddy
to be wanted
Now I keep staring at the walls
keep on falling no way to hold
hold onto my life
hold onto my dreams
they all went away
they all fadded with my soul
with my heart
with my myself