2006-08-09 01:01:34 (UTC)

Fun Work!

That's my job at the State Library. Fun! I'm using software
called PastPerfect to catalog photographs and postcards from
1880-1930. I get to do research in old books in the stacks
and old newspapers on microfilm to identify people, places,
times, and things. I am having so much fun. I should be
paying THEM!

I'm working tomorrow but Thursday and Friday I'll be in
Eugene for the Pacific Northwest Library Association
Conference. I'll be doing registration from 7:30-9:00 am on
Friday so I'll have to leave here at 6:30 am.

I stopped at Sherri Falk's vegetable stand in Shedd this
afternoon on my way home from work to buy more fresh corn on
the cob. Yum! I can eat that every night of the week! I
hope to stop at Hentze's Farm on Thursday or Friday and buy
some blackberries (if they have any). If they don't I'll at
least find out when they expect to have some. I'm really
looking forward to blackberry pie!

I got my grades today. Straight As! Yeah! No one seemed
suprised except me! The professors didn't give me any
feedback until the very end of the term so I had no idea how
I was doing all through the term.

Owen has moved to Salem where he'll be working for a state
agency for a year. Then he plans on going to graduate
school. His goal is to teach at the college level. He chose
Salem because they have good public transportation, it's
relatively easy to find work, and oh! his girlfriend lives