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2006-08-08 23:10:38 (UTC)


I'm really beginning to despise roommates.I'm kind of
thinking that I just want Chris and I to live together
ALONE for a while. I was really kind of hoping that we
would have a month or so together to find some sort of
balance between just us for housework before he gets
custody of the boys, and now I'm starting to doubt that's
going to happen. Living with the boys doesn't bother me -
I think having them around will be great, especially since
it will make Chris so happy.I guess I was just hoping we'd
have time to sort out OUR shit first, and that's hard with
an extra person around leaving shit in the sink. I know; I
do it too. I realise that....but why does it seem that
it's usually Chris or I cleaning it out? I mean, that'd be
fine if it was ALWAYS my mess or his; that's part of a
couple living together. I don't think I should have to
clean up after my roommate though. Maybe I'm just a bitch.
I just want time with Chris alone without always having to
go to our room for quiet time. We're really thinking of
moving into a two bedroom, preferably with air
conditioning, but we need to find a place that allows kids
and cats that's easy for me to get to school, him to get
to work, and in a relatively good neighbourhood for *when*
the boys come.

Is that really a lot to ask??...