2006-08-05 08:13:33 (UTC)

The Coast

John and I went through Corvallis to get to Newport and one
of the first things I saw was signs on the highway
announcing a quilt show! And that's where I went after we
had some lunch. John waited in the car, reading and
listening to music while I spent about an hour drinking in
quilts, fondling fat quarters the vendors were selling, and
evesdropping on people as they discussed techniques,
patterns, colors, and tips. I brought my digital camera and
have lots of inspiration. I haven't quilted for a long time
so it was nice to spend time with fabrics, quilts, and

We also went to the Oregon Aquarium. I enjoyed it all but
particularly the jelly fish. They are so beautiful,
graceful, and delicate and there are different kinds. If I
could have an exotic animal in my home, it would be jelly
fish. The closest I can get is to watch them on the jelly-cam.

We then drove above 50 miles south to Florence and John and
I spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the beach. We
finished our evening with a delicious seafood dinner.
Tomorrow we'll spend more time on the beach and then head home.

A lovely vacation!