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2006-08-05 05:34:50 (UTC)


OK, people. Figure this out.

I'm celibate. Yes.

I'm a tomboy. Yes.

I'm not graceful, or pretty, or cute. Yes.

Why bother? Really? Unless you're a fellow weird, semi-
bible-thumper celibate dork, why bother? What's the point?

I fear I have lost another friend. One who, so I've been
told, was attracted to me. WTF? You know my case fairly
well. We've been friends for 7 months. A) why dance around
it for 7 months? B)What the hell? You said you could never
date someone as young as I am, and you said I should never
date someone as old as you are. "What did you think you
could have in common with someone ten years older than
you?" Ugh. Make up your fucking mind. C) Why me? I'm no
freaking superstar. D) I'm celibate. You are very very not
celibate. Why bother? Again, I say, why bother?

Hell, if I can give up on myself, I think everyone else
should be able to give up on me. Especially my
older 'friend'. Really, how do u escape without hurting
someone's feelings? "Uhh. . .sorry, I can't really date
you, I really don't date. Period. Ever. It's a really
stupid endeavour for someone as independent and prudish as
I am. Really. No offence."

Honestly, my friend, when I met him, I had the worst crush
on him. But then he convinced me out of it. He was the
voice of common sense; what could I have in common with
someone that much older than me?

What really gets me is the idea that maybe he didn't
really care about our friendship at all, as I've heard him
talk about really needing a summer fling. Come the hell
on. You're confusing. If you're going to bother with me,
you've got to be serious. Summer fling isn't even on the
menu. What the hell do you want from me?

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