yea LESBIAN! what of it?
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2006-08-04 20:05:41 (UTC)

a forbidden dream

i had a dream last night that had my heart racing so fast
i had to wake up. its not some fantasy dream like you
might think but it was a dream that i wish from the bottom
of my half broken heart would come true.

INTRO: brandon lynn is my best friend in the whole world.
i love him so much and i would do anything for him. it was
late at night at my house in my room. he usually isnt
there that late but this particular night he had gotten
into a huge fight with his parents and left his house. me
being his best friend i told him he could stay at my house
for the night.

DREAM: i was standing in my room in front of the tv. i had
to change the channel without the remote cuz i coulnt find
it. he walked in and came up behind me and wrapped his
arms around me. we were closer than we had ever been. he
was about to whisper something in my ear. i could feel his
breath. the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on
end. he took a breath and said, "you love me?" i was
speechless but i somehow managed to slowly nod my head. he
smiled. i didnt see him do it but i felt it.
a few seconds passed and he leaned back in and oh
so gently kissed the top of my ear. keeping his lips on my
skin he moved to my neck and kissed me again. then he
softly blew on the back of my neck as he moved to the
other side and did the same thing. i turned toward him and
there he kissed me on my lips and pulled back with a grin
and looked me in the eyes and held my gaze for what seemed
like forever. then he kissed me again.


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