Nick's Journal
2006-08-03 18:56:27 (UTC)

My new laptop helped me through a painful shit

i just got my new laptop from dell for law school. i don't
know why but i'm really giddy about it. i've had it for all
of 2 days and i am overly protective of it like my teenage
daughter and at the same time i am actually proud of it like
a son on the honor roll. needless to say....i'm insane.
so the number 1 thing that tickles me is the whole wifi
business. right now i am sitting at borders typing this
journal while overweight women with huge mocha lattes
reading good housekeeping a creening their necks over my
shoulder to catch a glimpse of something that may possibly
make their lives more interesting. i love this thing.
i am also terrified that it will be stolen from me. i take
it with me all the time which makes me look like one of
those geeks (since i have one of those sling packs). no
problem though....well that was until i went into taco
you see i had to return our comcast moodem today and while i
was fumingly stuck in traffic i decided to 'treat' myself to
some taco bell/kfc. now of course i couldn't leave my
computer in the car so i walked into this t/kfc looking like
a bona-fide douche-bag.
i glanced at the menu and noticed a heavenly item, "boneless
fiery buffalo wings!!!" mmmmmmmmm! that plus a supreme
burrito combo and i was well on my way to heaven. well
there i was starting to un-wrap my taco when i saw this guy
checking the espn website on his laptop.
are you kidding me? everybody in the world knows how much i
love taco bell and now you're giving me wifi? well two
seconds later i was reading the sports guy and eating a
little slice of heaven. or so i thought.
you see i wondered, they have boneless and regular wings at
kfc, and i wondered why anyone would get the regular. i
mean just get rid of the inedible part right? well let me
tell you why, because boneless don't taste real. now i
respect that they aren't real anyhow, but it is just nasty
it felt like biting into a juicy booger that burned your
throat on the way down. well i couldn't leave it at that so
i ate another. then i was all mussed up with the fiery
sauce and i decided to quit a bit and hit up my burrito.
a few secoond later i take another bite out of my third wing.
then i heard a rumble. phew. okay, no problem, just a
little bit of a bump. rumble, rumble, squelch.
ughhhhhhhhh. i had no time left. i NEEDED a bathroom right
then and there. i stod up and wanted too pick up my laptop,
but my fingers were all sticky! no! so i run to the drink
fountain and wash my hands with some baja blast as the water
wasn't working. i quickly dry off and fly to my laptop. i
close it and book it intoo the bathroom.
there i sat fr abut 30 mins hugging my laptop like a god
damned teddy bear and sweating like i had just run a
marathon. it was a complete newbie mistake. but rest
assured, i will be back. just no fiery wings this time.