I Debbie...
2006-08-02 17:54:46 (UTC)

Here We Go AGAIN

What gives everyone else the frigin' right to be able to
complain to me ad noseum, but then ignore me when I need
to vent. And I better start getting all kinds of personal
phone calls at work on their phone and my non-existant
cell phone. It is ridiculous to think I can do everything
while others there claim they don't know or are on a so
damn important sell phone call. If it is an emergency I
can understand. Or even if it was hey I am running late.
But no it seems to surround food and the next peron who
was booted off stupid shows like Big Brother or Fresh Meat.
Like what the hell are those shows doing even in the list
of quality television shows.

More Later.

I Debbie