Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2006-07-27 05:15:35 (UTC)


Phoneix wow i was reading back at some of my posts from
moths/years ago. I havent felt Phoneix inside me for years,
all that rage. wow. im surprised i didnt do something
stupid. The bad things is after i read those all that that
i forgot seemed to flood back to me...he hasnt seen her
yet.... wont he be surpised when he touches me and awakes
her. He has never seen passion like her, she like pure
instinct...since im the dominant personality i wonder if i
left her have him once how would he react. If he loves me
now like he says he does he'll be addicted, whipped and in
love to the fullest exstinct. i dont know though, i can
feel her now....i'll keep u posted.