Nick's Journal
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2006-07-25 23:15:01 (UTC)

Breaking up with my college

i have misled a couple of law schools in my quest for
admissions. i feel so bad for it, they even asked me on my
application if i was dating (applying) to any other
universities...what an odd question to ask on an
application. well one of these colleges (we'll keep her...i
mean it anonymous) wigged out on me.
you see...unfortunately i also had to apply for financial
aid. and even more unfortunately, to get your federal loans
you have to apply for them before you know what college you
have been accepted to (which means all of them get your info).
well i let all of the law schools i wasn't going to know
that i wasn't going to attend and subsequently they shut me
out like a shunned woman.
except for one. let's call this college, 'd'. d wouldn't
leave me alone. d kept on sending me letters. apparently i
had left about $20,000 with her/it. and it/she was ready to
collect the bill.
so i tried to break up a second time.
"um, hi....yes, apparently you have sent me a promissory
note for a federal loan."
"um, i'm not going to your school. i let the admissions
office know."
"we have no contact with the admissions office, it is your
responsibility to let us know in writing."
read: oh, i didn't get your 14 messages and 27 e-mails, we
are still going out, and i have your $20,000 d had just said
to me.
"okay, well can i fax you a letter?"
read: you're not getting off that easy.
one week later.
i get a second promissory note in the mail.
"look, i just received another promissory note in the mail! "
"I DON'T GO TO YOUR SCHOOL! take me off your list! i have
let everyone there know!"
"don't worry sir, just don't sign the note."
read: shhhhhhhhh, i wasn't hiding under your porch and the
following you to the mall.
"NO! i don't want anymore communicatoin from you! please
take me off your list.....i'm trying to get with...uh, i
have accepted another offer."
read: who is this bitch?
"please just take me off your list, okay?"
"fax us a confirmation."
i.e. we're fucking one more time my bitch.
christ almighty.

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