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2006-07-24 18:23:58 (UTC)

My Visit with Matt

Well, I went down and saw Matt, first off it ws a 5 hour
drive with a 5 month old in the car...He was pretty good
through the first 4 hours but the last one he was mad about
being in the carseat still. So finnally at 8:30 we pull
into the super 8 and it was soooo nice to be out of the
car. So we all get unpacked and my mom realizes she forgot
her toothbrush soo she runs over to walmart. Well, while
she was gone I was putting Kaden to sleep, as soon as he
fell asleep i went to get up and ALL the electicity in the
area went out..So i'm standing in the pitch black by
myself...Well, my mom comes back from Walmart and by the
way she never got her toothbrush..so we all decide well the
electricity isnt going to be back on for awhile lets go to
sleep. Well, at about 2 am the Fire alarm goes of...I dont
think i ever grabed Kaden soo fast in my life! People are
running around in the pitch black....Then they tell us it
was a false alarm...So we get to sleep waking up at 7 am to
get ready to go to the Anthony Correctinal Center...Well we
get lost and drive about 20 mins in the wrong direction.
Then we finnally find the ACC and I go in and we have to
put every thing in a locker and pull out our pockets and
walk through a metal detector. Then we get to sit in a room
and wait for Matt to come. Well, after about 20 mins Matt
walks through the door. IT was sooooo good getting to see
him again. We talked about everything under the sun..He
looks sooo diffrent now. I mean talk about a tan...He was
my same old Matt though, I miss him sooo much. We sat
together for about 5 hours then visiting was up...:( I went
back the next day and saw him again. It was soo good to be
the person in his arms again. He couldnt beleive how big
Kaden had gotten either, and Kaden just laughed and laughed
at him, It was sooo sweet, seeing my two boys together
again! Well, of course the time came again where we had to
say our goodbyes for good, It was soo sad seeing him cry i
just member kissing him and feeling his tears drip onto my
face.....I couldnt never understand I mean i wasnt being
left therefor it was prob harder for him. Well, I'm going
back in October (3months) Kaden will be 8 months old then!
And then after that 3 months later he'll be coming home.
God I miss him sooo much, it was great being the girl in
his arms again! Well, Thats about every detail with my
visit with Matt.