I Debbie...
2006-07-23 02:14:32 (UTC)

Go Figure

How many times do I have to be hit in the head before I
realize how fucking selfish he is? What if I wanted to use
the car today? He could have told me that he was going to
be at the storm chasing party for 6 hours. Hell at least
I didn't go to the trouble of fixing dinner. But he could
have at leat called to say that he was going to be late. I
sit here for the second weekend in a row and am bored.
Well okay not exactly bored but if I had wanted to do
something or someone had actually called to say lets do
something, I know a snowballs chance in hell, but a
thought anyhow, Icouldn't have. Because once again he is
over the top self absorbed when it comes time for storm
chasing. Well I am going to fix him. I am going to take
the car tomorrow and just be out for a while. No Note no
word no reasoon. See if he likes that. Asshole!!!!

I Debbie