I Debbie...
2006-07-22 03:05:56 (UTC)

Predictions For Party

1. Tom will fall on the " slip and slide." NA
2. Tom will get a bruise and call it a contusion. NA
3. Tom will say "man" Saturday during bbque at least 50
times. Has to be infront of everyone involved in bet. 15
4. There will be 8 variations of beer. St Pauli Girl will
be one and Shiner Bock, Molsen Golden, Leinenkugel,
Pilsner Uraquel,maybe Bud Light,Labatt's,and Guiness. YES
Maybe Ice House too so 9, Ics House
5. We will forget to cook something at the bbque. no
butter but everything was cooked
6. Tom will flirt with Hellen at his apt. and a waitress
at Ozzies. No Hellen and didn't get to Ozzie's NA
7. I will not run into anyone else that I know except for
the people at the party. Yes
8. Brianna will put her foot into her mouth at some
point. No but she did leave Tom's door unlocked
9. The cake will be eaten by the end of Saturday. Brought
some to relatives
10. Brianna will say "what the hell?" 12 or so times on
Sat during bbque. 10
11. Brianna will be the last one to arrive on Friday. Yes
12. Brian will talk about tornado chasing. Like no shit
13. Tom will bring up work and his stupid bosses. Yes
14. Brianna will bring up Todd or Rick. Like no shit
15. Rich will bring up black people. Yes
16. Gary will bring his girlfriend. And if she comes she
will be a brunette. NO
17. Charlie and Joe will be there for about three hrs. 4
18. None of the people from my list except Brianna will
be there. Yes
19. I will be more drunk Friday than Saturday. Yes
20. No one will throw up but plenty will pass out. Yes

I Debbie