I Debbie...
2006-07-21 20:30:28 (UTC)

Fed Up

So I get to work at 8:30. Shannon has been there for about
30 min before I am. The other Shannon got there at 10:30
yet I am the last one to get a lunch and its at 3:00. So
by the time I get back it will be 4 and I will have two
hours left in the day. I don't mind the fact of getting
one so damn late, well actually I do but , the bigger
point is that no one told us the order of breaks and that
they would be so damn late. They can't plan ahead to save
their fucking lives. How hard would it have been to call
another center or better yet hire someone to take over
Dee's hours. She was our break person. They lost her in
June. Its now almost August. Its a good thing I brought my
snack. When I asked Rose, Ms Useless Herself she gave me
some truely half assed answer about it turning out that
way. I said that it seems alittle skewed. She said that
the whole day is skewed. Like what? Not to mention when
the kids go to sleep for their mandatory 3 hour seista
they could have eaten. They meaning the teachers. They
don't do any work when the kids sleep anyway. Meanwhile me
the person who is always coming in early or staying to
help is the one who gets screwed. Not sure I understand
that one. I mean I got to eat. The babies were pretty good
before Sia got in so I could wolf down my lunch/snack. But
I shouldn't have to. Or they should have had everyone take
30 minute breaks. And you wonder why there is burnout and
poor morale. Tell people what the understood expectation
is. Don't assume they know. We aren't fucking mindreaders.
If it was about money why they didn't call anyone in. like
Liz kept saying it was, then I wouldn't have had overtime
every week for the last 3-4 months consistantly. Can't say
I mind the overtime. But they crab about payroll and yet
they can't plan ahead. Rose is a terrible manager. Not I
am sorry I forgot that you came in early which would have
been a crock of shit anyway. Not oh Shannon had to do
something at such in such time. No. It just turned out
that way. Yah right. What it amounted to was the easy way
of making the people who bitch the most happy while
screwing over the one who does the most out of her way and
doesn't just call in on a whim or b/c she has a hangover,
or does the lesson plan like she is supposed to, and
douesn't sit on her ass when they are outside while the
kids are out of view or brings a fucking tv into the
center to watch during lunch so she doesn't miss her soaps
which she can watch at night or during one of the blocks
on the weekend. Do I try to get away with wearing jeans on
Friday? NO. Not me why because I am good. And dependable.
And another thing. This competition thing next week. Like
I really give a crap how our room looks compared to other
rooms. Like the parents are really going to care how many
butterflies there are up and if the ladybugs were colored
by our kids. You know the ones that can't walk or in some
cases feed themselves are somehow miraculously going to
wake up one day and paint a red and black ladybug. The
only one who even holds a crayon is Joey. And the one
bitch said that my family trees weren't really art and
that we had to do something else. Okay so the Cystine
Chapel wasn't art too? Art is is th perception and
creation not in the fact that it uses paint. Shannon came
up with handprints that were butterflies. We only did four
and they can stuff it if they want Makayla and Cole to do
ones. They are way to young to get into paint. (3 and 2
months respectively.)

I Debbie

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