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2006-07-21 06:02:02 (UTC)

Gosh I can never keep this thing updated...

Ok, it's like summer now. And things are going pretty
good. I've been keeping in contact with Bambi, Christen,
Sam, Shawna, MAC, Lisa, Liz, and everyone important. In
about another month is mine and Josh's one year
anniversary....I'm really excited, because I've been
through so much with him this year and I truly cant believe
that it's been a whole year. Most highschool relationships
dont make it that long so I feel really fortunate.

Let's see...I'm babysitting during the day as well as
cleaning and cooking for Elliot. Getting paid like $50.00
a week, which is good. I'm like addicted to Amazon.com
now. I love buying shit!

Tommorow I am going to the mall with MAC and Josh. We're
going to see that movie Lady in the Water. I'm excited.
Well, I'll prolly forget to write until the end of the
summer cuz I'm no good with journals.


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