I Debbie...
2006-07-21 00:53:13 (UTC)

Million Years Again

First the addon to the other story. Brian had somehow
found Mike's house. Yousee instead of staying put in case
Jamie went looking for him he decided to play Daniel
Boone. It worked out b/c Jamie hadn't left yet to find
him. Or it would have been a fiasco. And I was right she
had been in bed. But get this. He had been there for that
whole time I had been drinking the beer. He forgot to
call. Gee thanks hun. See what I mean about not calling
me. Only when he needed something.

One of the women at work said something that really got me
thinking. She said that when she asks moms questions she
just wants the facts b/c she doesn't have the interest or
the time for some long drawn out answer. Now I can
understand if the mom was just rambling. But most of the
people there seem like they are in too much of a damn
hurry for their own good. Fast food has reached
interpersonal relationships when all you want are the
quick answers. These would be the same kind of people who
would be pissed if they didn't get vital information from
a parent or they wouldn't bring permision slips back. I
mean that is how you build rapport with people. Talking.
You don't need to major in communication for that.

I think that is why I get the shut down mode from about
everyone there when I ask questions or start in on one of
my stories. I do talk. I listen too but I really can get
wound up. And I don't think it is a bad thing. I think
most of the parents like that. Or at least they give me
ther respect that I deserve. I mean I am taking care of
their kids for 8-10 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. Okay we
won't go there with Sia's parents b/c they are the biggest
of enigmas. And some of the parents are not as talkative.
But damnit I am comfortable with talking.

And why does Kelly think every time I open my mouth it is
to complain. The other day I was saying something about
one of the kids. Can't think of what but it was a funny
story. She says what's wrong. Isaid nothing is wrong its a
funny story. And when I told the story about Brian's mom,
some of the people gave me this stone face look like I had
just said I was going to turn into a shoe. Kelly at least
remembers what I say and most of the time reacts like a
normal person. But I don't know she had been really odd
towards me for a while. Except if she is not around her
circle. Sure when I am helping her clean the classrooms or
letting her vent its okay but then she is different when
some of the others are around. Like I am only good enough
to talk to as a runner up. In a way I am glad that none of
them are my best friends. I wouldn't like to become like
they are. Very self absorbed and negative. Shannon isn't
negative but she too doesn't really ask me questions.
Small talk, you know fun kind of talk. If I initiate it,
then we talk but its mostly me asking a question, her
responding with several comments then me asking other
questions.Or teling as a story. SHe responds to my stories
but usually with quick commenets not really getting to
know you things. Every so often ones like if I mention Ch
is pregnant. But not like Liz would. But then that was an
odd pair up too. Talk about opinionated.

I wonder if I am too picky about people? But I don't think
I should have to settle for my friendships. It should be a
quality relationship.

More on this later

I Debbie