Nick's Journal
2006-07-20 02:04:55 (UTC)

What would Israel do?

so i work with a lot of jews (hell i'm aspiring to be a lawyer).
and i am debating with them.
now, let me get this out of the way. arabs are going to
eventually destroy this world because of their
irrationality. seriously what is wrong with arabs? (other
than rami). what is wrong with you people? can't you
possible accept change? is it so hard for you to accept the
flow of a logistical evolution?
don't answer, i know.
yes it is.
anyhow, so i have debated with jews over the latest
aggressions. i have found that jews are quite adamant about
killing people. whooops i mean the best word ever, 'justifying'
killing people.
i have had someone seriously tell me (granted at a party)
that a kidnapping is an act of war. i'll have to remember
that i should accuse any near-by secular state the next time
an amber alart is administered.
truth be told i'm on the sidelines.
i'm just watching it all happen and i'm shaking my head. i
don't even know who's side to be on.
then alan dershowitz opens his mouth on wsj.
still un-decided, he's a fucking maniac and i'd kill him
given the chance.
israel vs. the middle east is like watching two retarded
home-schooled kids go at it and eventually having one die.
they have no ability to grasp their large implications, and
they hold no punches for they are incapable of grasping what
they mean to the largess of society.
they are devoid of emotion.
they are so chock foull of intelligence that it pains the
to watch them fight.
if only.....
but they can't understand.
they are retarded.
treat them as such.
and let's kill lou dobbs.