void deck
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2006-07-17 02:28:22 (UTC)

That's all, folks!

Few days ago, I chanced upon Nic's friendster profile and
found out that he is attached now. A part of me is being
ripped off again, just like 6 years ago when he told me that
he was in a relationship.

I can feel my heart breaking and I know this will come
sooner or later. I hope this time that girl deserves him. I
really hope they will find happiness, even if that means I
will never again be with him.

Nic, the one I truly care about. One person in the world
that I can love honestly without any strings attached. By
loving him, I learn the deeper meaning of love and life.

Now, I think he will drift further away from me. When I go
back in December, he might not visit me anymore. I must
learn to prepare myself for disappointment. After all, he
never remembers my birthday... even if I never fail to call
him on his birthday.

I have always learnt the hard way, to live without much love
and care from others. To be as strong and as independent as

I think it's time to say "That's all, folks!" for that
episode of my love life.