Confessions of a troubled pre-teen
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2006-07-16 08:25:58 (UTC)

Welcome to the new miss me

I havn't written in so long i had forgotten about all
the dramas at school last year. It all seems like such a
long time ago and now it doesn't seem to matter as much.
Like the things that kept me awake at night were stupid
and I was nieve to worry so much?
What up with the new miss me. Well I started
highschool this year and I feel so much more mature.
Theres so many more people here and I feel lost sometimes
espiecally because my bestfriends from last year have
either changed (sherri) gone to another school (alanna)
deserted me (alex) or found popularity (charlotte) Anway
no time to dwell on the negatives of life,
I had a killer 13th Partii and got to catch up with my
mates, go crazy, get heaps of superr presents and mett
boyz! I also hang out with my friends out of school more,
and talk on the phone more and slow down my computer more

Pros and cons of the new miss me

I kissed Adam..then he moved away
I made heaps of new friends..and lost some old ones
I got my first proper boyfriend..then I dumped him and now
he doesnt no who I am?
Im growing into my looks..but I look really tired from
staying up to late
Ive been given more freedom..and more chores, its called
Im having heaps of fun at highschool..but Im missing the
familiarity of primary school
There are no annoying boys in class..there are no boys to
perve on
I love the new miss me..but I also miss the old me


P.S Love yourself, and you'll soon find others do to!