I Debbie...
2006-07-15 01:14:55 (UTC)

New World Part Haven't a Clue

I was reading several of my earlier rantings. Have got to
say that I make more sence half drunk than most people do

Joey Even though I fell when you were in my arms you have
welcomed me into your heart. Even though you are so
jealous when I don't pick you up right away I love you
like the son I could never have. Your dad is right. I
saved you. For you. You are a treasure in any box.

Jeaden You are such a smiling angel. You are a typical
redheaded little butt however you will always have a place
in my heart as my first little person that I cared for and
thrived in the most wonderful way.

Orion Your heart is of a soldier father and thank God for
him. Dream on loved one. Just be aware that the length of
your voice isn't needed to be your arrow.

Makayla Little Princess you are a Jeaden Junior. Sweet
Pea in any color. I am sorry about your daddy. But your
mommy is strong enough for both. Live long little one

Cole. Lncoln Junior. I had to keep myself from crying the
first day I met you. I don't care what you do I will
ALWAYS love you. You are heaven sent to my heart. Your
place in it will keep growing as long as you live and then
longer. My Little Love My littlest baby that I can't ever

I Debbie