I Debbie...
2006-07-15 00:32:25 (UTC)

You Might Be A Redneck

1. You have more decalls on your car than teeth in your
2. Your idea of an outside/porch decoration is a six pack
of empty beer cans and an aluminum fish ;
3. Your idea of giving yourself a haircut involves a meat
cleaver or a friend who is more drunk than you:
4. You have a XXL t-shirt on and it still is too tight for
your boobs or waist;
5. Your jeans reveal more crack than a police bust;
6. You enjoy watching your saliva move through a straw;
7. You use a bottle of vodka when you shave your face or
back to dull the pain;
8. You moon a tour group and they shout "Whale Sighting";
9. Your teeth are yellower than the sun;
10.Your idea of finding a date is your family reunion;
11. Your t-shirts read like a who's who of 80's rock
12. The only way you remember family vacations is by the t-
shirts in your drawer;
13. Your children's names end in "Mae"
14. You have a tattoo on a part of your body that doesn't
normally get sun;
15. You have a tattoo that proclaims your love for a body
part that doesn't normally get sun;
16. The only way you remember your girlfiend's name is by
a tattoo'
17. Your car's license plate or bumper sticker mentions
fishing ,hunting, or that your child is an honor student;
18. You have more holes in your body than the RMS Titanic;
19. When you kiss your sig other and your tongue piercings
make a spark;
20. Your biggest concern is colorizing your tattoo;

I Debbie