Nick's Journal
2006-07-14 19:39:03 (UTC)

Six Feet Under

i'm not one to promote or recommend much in my journal
entries (other than telling minorities to not drive). but,
this is something that i have to recommend. the show is Six
Feet Under and it aired on HBO (i believe it's last season
was this year). anyhow, this show is unbelievable, it is up
there with seinfeld, south park, curb your enthusiasm, and
chappelle show for me.
quick background for everybody, it is a show about a
california family that owns a funeral home, that's really
the underlying premise the rest just evolves. the father
died so the family is 'brought together' so to speak with
this business.
now, i really disliked this show for the first season but
juliann wanted to stick with it so we kept on renting it.
well then we watched the last episode of the first season
and i don't know. i hate to give away any part of a show
but to recommend it i just have to for this one portion to
make sense. you see there is this character (nate, and i
will go over all the good characters in a sec) who finds out
he has a life-threatening illness. at the end of the
episode he rides away into the california sunset on this
harley to 'don't fear the reaper' by blue oyster cult.
and i don't know what/how/why/where/when it happened, but
that part just nailed me. it was so unbievably good i just
couldn't help myself but to like the show. and then i
started to reflect on the show! i don't reflect on shows!
fuck. i started loving it. the characters are so
unbelievable and (unless you are a comedy) you HAVE to let
the characters carry a show, shakespeare knew this and that
is why people talk about his characters, not really the
plays themselves.
the characters as such are:
nate - after this third season my favorite. on the front he
seems way too simplistic/selfish/ludicrous but now they have
evolved him so well that he is just amazingly written.
david - the gay brother of nate (and the other funeral home
director) he was my favorite character because he was so
incredibly interesting.
keith - david's lover, also a very interestingly drawn
character. my only complaint with david/keith is that it has
that stereotypical portrayal of homosexuals as just being
sex freaks all the time.
claire - nate/david's sister. the first season she was
fucking obnoxious but now i have really started to like her.
she is somewhat flighty and acts slutty a lot of times, but
i love when she stands up for herself in this show.
ruth - their mother. probably one of the worst characters
in the show, not only is she kind of unbelievable (she is
way too pathological in my opinion) but she still has her
the dead father (forgot his name) - i always LOVE when he
shows up in an episode, i mean he adds so much for being a
fringe character lying dormant in the figments of everybodys
rico - kind of annoying at times, but overall an amazingly
likeable character. you can tell that he has principles
which just now he has broken in this season.
brenda - nate's (in my opinion) crazy girlfriend/former
girlfriend depending on how much you've watched and
billy - her brother. the most amazing thing about brenda
and billy is that they should really be done with this show.
but the creators/writers have done such a great job in
keeping them intriguing that they are still around (and will
definitely be more incorporated later).
that's all the characters i care to mention for now. but
the thing is not just that each and every character is
amazingly well written. i mean just the fact that
brenda/billy are still around in the cast is amazing
considering how their livelihoods (as characters) depended
on their interaction with the three main characters (claire,
nate, david).
the actors are absolutely fucking amazing. no joke. i mean
talk about a budget cast. not only had i never heard of any
of them before, but i've never seen them since! they are so
amazing at portraying their characters that i can't even
type it all out here.
i just wrote a journal entry about a fucking tv show. it's
fucking good. and first of all it's not a fucking 'dark'
comedy. it's a drama, and i HATE fucking drama tv shows
(look at the other shows in my top tv shows of all
time......all comedies). it is amazing, sorry i've written
it too much.
if you are looking for a show to get into.
fuck lost.
fuck grey's anatomy.
fuck 'date-line catches the 1,202nd sexual predator'.
get these dvds.