2006-07-14 05:05:01 (UTC)

Knocking on wood, but it's so close I can't wait...

I get paid again next Friday. I hope I get paid around the
same thing as I did last time. I've done a lot of spending
recently. 150 bucks worth of ultimate chopper, those
magick soles, glow in the dark flair bottles, a glow in
the dark shaker, free cap, and flair video.

I still have about 900 in student loans. I figure I would
still have 300 in the account to add on to whatever check
I get. But now I only have 150, with the IRA withdrawl it
should be about 120. That's still better then nothing. I
will definately be broke if not damn near broke then.

But all debt's payed. Need to just start saving. This is
what I want now...

to move out, n move in with chris
to buy a car
to get steady hotel job
to fix teeth
to get laptop

I think I'll get a start on the teeth thing. I know the
dentist I want to see, although Chris will research his
for me still. I'll just pay cash for a check up to know
what work I need, how it can be done and for how much.
Then I'll decide if it is more cost effective to get
insurance or if I could just pay for it out of my own

In the mean while I gotta put that whole getting a hotel
job thing in progress. This will boost my income so I
might be able to do that car thing sooner. As soon as I
would have a job like that, and know that it is stable, I
wold lease a car, or take a loan on one to build credit.
As long as I know I can pay it off because of the job
thing. My teeth will be getting fixed in the mean time,
and car will come in. Then the laptop is basically one
check really, that's small fries compared to all the other

Finally then I would be able to move in with Chris. Life
would be good... In the perfect world. I'd like that to
happen. Happen soon. By October. August Acually. Well
let's count...

Looks like I'd still have 4 big checks coming in before we
get real slow. That could cover my teeth. Probably nothing
else but that.

I gotta apply for positions now. I seriously gotta ask
around at work if they are looking for any bartenders
where these people are working.