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2006-07-12 22:31:51 (UTC)


Since my last entry a couple major
things have happened.
First off, Im moving out of my crappy town. Thank you
jesus!! Im moving about 15 minutes away. This is my about
last week in my house. Its pretty sad but i just want to
get out of here.. too many memories and drama goes on in
this town. Secondly Caleb....Ahh this boy is simply the
best thing in my life..besides from god...I love him i
truely 100 percent do hes everything I love and want to
have as a
husband. Him and I have told eachother we love one another
yet we still arnt dating. And I could care less just
knowing someone I truelly love now feels the same is the
best feeling on earth. I really never thought Id find
someone for me..and yet I have. I am still waiting for the
day he ask me out and ill gladly say yes. Now
finally..Caleb is in thailand at the moment on a missions
trip. hes been gone since the 3rd. I dont know if i can
take it any longer!!! I miss him terribly. Hes due back on
the 21st. 9 more days... =/ But the saturday before he
left mel and I got everyone together and went to the
lake.. for a goodbye for them and a goodbye for mel
because she moved out of my house and in with her dad
which is about a hour away. Anywho the day before I went
to calebs and gave him a letter before we left.. well i
really gave chris the letter to hand to him but who cares
about thsoe details.. but this note.. you see I
wrote "personal" things in it.. about how much i care and
love him. Well the day we went to the lake caleb wrote me
a letter back.. it was sooo sweet saying how much he loved
me too BUT this is where you might get confused...There
was a wedding happening at the lake the same day. So they
all knew the people and jon wanted to go get food. So jon
took calebs other shorts out of his bag to wear so hed
look nice. The shorts tho contains calebs wallet which had
the note I gave to him in it.. Now jon is a nosey kid and
he READ the letter. Then decided to give the letter to
jake.. one of the youth pastors. So suddlenly as we were
on the dock we see jake and his brother josh coming over
with jon. Jon asked caleb where he wanted his wallet and
caleb said just put it by my things BUT DONT LOOK IN IT..
then caleb hears jake say "nice letter". Jake later had a
huge talk with caleb about it and just crap. I was soo
embarassed by it and just wow. im so pissed at jon still.
I wouldnt talk to him or anything and plan on not talking
for awhile.

cutest thing tho. We had to later go to the clinc becasue
chris got hurt in the water so caleb mel and I went and on
the way home chris's mom gave caleb and i a ride.. we were
in the back and i was so tired..same with caleb and him
and i ended up falling asleep mainly on one another. I
told myself when i was starting to fallasleep..."dont
forget this feeling rachel...dont forget it" and I havent
I jsut miss it so much. God knows i MISS that boy insanly

all for now


i emailed josh about me moving and that him and i need to
hang out because we havent for a long time.. well he read
it but hasnt replied... its been over a week. i think hes
ignoring me =( sad because well we were friends..then best
freidns then almost bf and gf and now mainly nothing.. i
just miss him as a friend he was such a goodfriend.. =(