Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-07-11 19:47:18 (UTC)

fading into the storm

I blur all lines
to the point of illness
do i perfect myself

imperfect illusions
of repentedness causes
there is joy in it

yet when the marked men
of rain and doom come
i shall stand there

visions of rain, the
downpour reaches out
and culminates briefly

there is nothing more
serene, than the dance
of wilting tree's

I cannot see, nor
would i want to, the
savage greed i fester

but here and there lies
the vibrant calling of
my fated ill fate

a testimony to the glory
of my raging lust pounding
on the ramparts

when i dine, i shall feast
upon the reddened lips and
taste the glory of her tongue

this is my lot, my deeds
reflected, my lust erected,
my soul aflamed

desire the two edged sword
plunges deep within, marking
with abated breath, my heart

crashing into the stone, wave
upon wave, i revel in it, weep
when it's over, but always stay

with a hardened heart, and steel
gaze, i search the horizon, waiting
for her perched on a mottled horse

the rain always comes, drenching
my sorrows away with refinement,
cascading the pain away

i wonder now, as i did then, if
perhaps the rain would come now,
or at first light as dawn

clouds descend, and old men cower,
here i stand above the towers, longing
for the thunder to shake

and i watch, waiting, with abated
breath, and i am not left for wont,
for here she comes, astride

the lightning takes it's whips
and cracks me to the bone, shivering
me into fires deep filled in lust

i cannot stay, for the winds come,
they shall blow me away, wither and
die, i stifle my cry

the long road down the glass etched
ramparts, and into the shadows, now
ended, here is the rain