soul survivor
2006-07-10 18:56:40 (UTC)

My hopes and dreams

I wanna work hard in my life.
what i hope for is a wonderful and fulfilling life with
cameron and wonderful kids a boy and a girl.
before i can do that i wanna have a career.
i wanna do somehting with my life where i can express
myself without being critized for.
when i was a kid i wanted to be a gymnast and go to the
olympics(well that dream is out of the way).
I don't even know what i wanna do! honestly i have so many
talents that i can do.
I could probably be a dancer, i've had somewhat of some
Its hard to say what i want right now. rightnow i'm going
to school, just doing what i think is what my parents want.
they want me to have some security in life.
Y ou know what i have to cause i don't know if cameron
will be together forever, i can't always depend on him
cause he has his own life as well.
I can't just take money for and just be a house wife yet.
i wanna depend on myself i don't wanna be a trophy wife.
i realize that caeron will make more money then me, thats
fine with me. but i have to find my own thing cause i know
that i'm better than that.
i know that i'm an attractive person, i can find another
boyfriend and i know that i can take of myself.
Even if i have to work odd jobs to support myself. Support
myself to have all the things that i want for myself.
i know that i'm not just no other girl cause i like fine
things. i have expensive taste in things. alot of people
realize this. like camerons friends and family.
people think that i'm a gold digger cause he buys me all
these things.
You know what i know that i'm not like that cause before
that i met him i was already like that.

i know what i have to offer in a realationship and in a
person. i know that i'm a good person with a good heart.
i have a passion for life.
i just feel that i'm so limited to all the things that i
want in life.
i see other people doing big things in thier life.
the question is what big things am i going to do with my

I know i have poetential i just have to expand it.
DREAM BIG!!!!!!!!!!
how can i do that?
i need motivation just to find the energy to do something
like this.
i just don't know. i just know that i'm just gonna have a
breakdown cause of it.
prolly 10 years from now.

So far i know that

. marry cameron
.adopt a child

thats it??? thats all i cant think of?
this is so sad