Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-07-10 16:37:25 (UTC)

My tattoo

I got my tattoo, Its of Kadens name and sign across my
ankle...It hurt! Lmao...Well, step 1 of my amazing july is
up! O yea and for everyones update on the Daring hours
entry...I have come up with a conclusion on how to fix my
problem! See i have a very lienent job...So i wont add the
hours to my schedual but I will get the hours that i want
or even need...when I need to so that I'm not required to
have them but can if i choose! I think i came up with a
sensable idea...hopefully! Well, its a fill in. I know i
havnt been writing much, but aww what can you say...I have
tons of pics of Kaden...Sitting up now...and all on my
myspace, if you would like to view them you have to be my
friend...cause Of that Kara girl that kept harrasing me i
set my profile to private so if you would just request me
as a friend I'll always accept! Well, here is my myspace


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