The Nine Faces of Dave
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2006-07-10 05:25:22 (UTC)

graduate blues, pt. 2

It's a good thing I don't run a website for a living, or I'd
be out of a job for never updating. This was meant to be up
soon after the last one, and I guess it is, relative to my
track record as of late.

So last time, I'd mentioned that work had improved with my
reassignment. It was much easier to figure out what people
wanted, the programming was reasonably challenging, and I
learned a little more Java to boot.

Last week, however, I was effectively punished for working
too fast: the guy in charge of the project ran out of work
for me. My boss didn't have a new assignment for me, and so
other than some really boring web-based training, the only
product of the past week was a draft of this entry in a
notebook. Also I clipped my fingernails. Nothing like the
efficiency of the private sector.

For now, I'm stuck with nothing to do. And soon, I may be
stuck with no source of income either. I have reason to
believe I'm about to get

I won't go into too many details, but suffice it to say that
things are settling following a reorganization, and it looks
like people in my situation are going to get the axe pretty
soon. Now that could be a good thing, because if I get laid
off, I should be able to get out of this situation without
having to pay back relocation expenses or my bonus. Sweet.

So, in anticipation of this possible Get Out of Jail Free
card, I've started looking heavily into jobs back in the
Rochester area. Based on the listings I've found, it looks
like if I hope to find CS jobs around Rochester, my best bet
is working at the University, most likely at the hospital.

I can't say with any certainty what's going to happen to me
in the next few weeks. What I do know is that the lease on
my apartment runs out in September, and if going back to
Rochester is in the cards, that's probably the time to do
it. Obviously I don't know whether I'll get a layoff and be
able to escape for free, or if I'll have to find my own way
out of things. But I know that whatever I choose, I'll be
able to make it happen, if not comfortably.

So, what's my perspective? Well, my thinking right now is
that it would be a good idea to go someplace where I have
some connections, something resembling roots, until such
time as I can get my life straightened out and have my act
together well enough to carry on solo. I wasn't quite ready
to move on from college when I did, and a big part of me is
still holding on to that. And I think the best course of
action is to get back to a more familiar, more comfortable
environment until I can sort everything out and get where I
want to be in life. And if that means getting back to some
approximation of my college life, so be it.

For now, I'll just hold steady and see what happens.

Preparing to be jobless the next time I post...

This is Dave, signing off.