the end, the beginning
2006-07-10 04:26:39 (UTC)

another day

well, she didn't call again today. If she's trying to make
me crazy it's working. Night is the worst. All I can do is
sit and wonder what is she doing, where is she, who is she
with. Can't be anything good. She is 16 and has total
freedom for the first time in her life. I was watching the
news today and they were talking about a body being found
and it hit me...that could be her, she could have had
something happen to her and I wouldn't even know it. I
watched the news and waited on the edge of my chair just
hoping they would say it was a man. They did, but then I
didn't feel any better because now I have a new thought in
my head. It is so unfair to everyone else in my house. I
haven't even told her little sisters because I didn't want
them to be upset. They think she is staying with a friend
for fun. I don't know what she is feeling that she doesn't
even want to let me know that she is ok. She knows that I
am a worrier, and that i would not be able to sleep, eat,
function. As each day passes I wonder will she ever come
home. Or even worse, will I ever see her again.