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my submissive life
2006-07-07 19:42:19 (UTC)

Teaching session

Master had some doms-in-training over for a weekend
teaching session. I, of course, was the primary visual
aid during the lessons.

First Master had me demonstrate all the positions for
them. He explained the importance of paying attention to
detail, such as where the subs’ eyes should be focused and
whether the mouth should be opened or closed. One trainee
asked about using a ruler to measure how wide my feet
should be and so forth. Master loved the idea and said he
would add it to my repitoire. To reward the trainee, she
(go-figure) was allowed to spank me first during the next

For the next lesson, Master taught the usage of various
spanking implements. Each trainee observed Master using
his hand, the paddle, whip, crop, cane, belt, hairbrush,
and tawse on my pussy, ass, thighs, back, and tits. Each
trainee was then allowed to give me 2 strokes with each on
my ass, cunt, and tits. Master corrected their technique
throughout and suggested ways to make it more effective
(read painful). He also suggested using the spanking as a
time to degrade the sub by calling her names and telling
her how fat, ugly, and worthless she is.

He then had a competition between the trainees to come up
with the best idea for sub-spanking-positions. Each
trainee had me assume their position and receive 5
strokes. The winner had me kneeling on the bathroom floor
naked, facing the bathtub that was filled with cold
water. My arms were tied behind me and my knees were tied
and stretched 2 feet apart. I was told to bend my upper
body and put my head in the water and hold my breath until
after I received the first stroke of the cane; I could
then come up for air and count the stroke. I then had to
re-submerge myself into the cold water and await the next
stroke. Master liked the added anticipation from holding
my breath before the stroke and the torment of not knowing
how long I’d have to go without air. The winner was
allowed to give me an extra 10 strokes as a reward for his

Master then gave a lesson on clamps. Each trainee learned
how to attach clamps and clothespins to my nipples and
cunt (labia and clit). He demonstrated the different
types of clamps, had me explain which hurt the most, and
how to add weights. He noted that removing a clamp and
then reattaching it in the same spot could increase the
pain remarkably. My entire body was aching before this
lesson was over. As a final demonstration of clamping,
Master put extra tight clamps on my nipples and clit.
Every 10 minutes, one f the trainees removed the clamps,
spanked my ass for 1 minute, then reattached the clamps.
This lasted for 2 hours. Meanwhile, Master lectured on my
increasing suffering, crying, and begging for mercy. He
explained this was a very effective technique for getting
a slave to reconsider doing something she didn’t want to
do, as the increasing pain in nipples and clit was a
strong motivator for compliance. At the end of the 2
hours, I was offering to do anything to escape the clamps.

As I was already sore, Master decided a ride on the wooden
pony was a good next lesson. He explained that moving
from the tortured area to another was much kinder than
switching to a different torture method on the already
hurting area. On the wooden horse, Master showed the use
of weights for added pain. He also demonstrated different
techniques for forcing me to lean forward and causing
greater pain to my already sore clit. I immediately
begged him to end this part of the lesson. Master’s
trainees were impressed. One tried to show off by
suggesting that y clit be granted a reprieve only if it
meant a longer overall ride on the pony. Master agreed
and told me I could either spend 30 minutes leaning on my
clit or 2 hours riding upright. I opted for the later.
Master allowed the show off to add several more pounds of
weight hanging from my feet and made me thank the show off
as he did so.

As I suffered the next 2 hours on the horse, Master
demonstrated various other tools such as the nose hook,
different gags, and the violet wand. He had me describe
the pain in my cunt periodically so the trainees would
understand the gradual increase in pain. He was most
pleased when I began to cry. He put in a gag while
explaining that as a slave I had no right to complain and
sometimes it was just easier not to have to listen to it.
To emphasize his point on maximizing pain, Master allowed
one trainee to whip my aching cunt with the crop 20 times
after I was released from the pony.

As it was already late, Master ad me eat dinner off the
floor and get ready for bed. I was to spend the night
trying to sleep in my small metal cage in the basement.
As usual, I had to wear my large butt plug and nothing

In the morning, one of the trainees led me outside on my
leash to relieve myself in the backyard. Another one then
hosed my down in lieu of an actual shower. I again ate
breakfast off the floor.

While Master and his trainees were eating, I stood naked
at attention and recited my rules/penalties/consequences.
Master occasionally had me explain why such a rule was
necessary and why the penalty just. At the suggestion of
one trainee, Master had me balance a book on my head and
squat painfully low, while continuing my recitation. When
I dropped the book, Master allowed the helpful trainee to
give me 20 swats with the paddle. Of course, if Master
thought the stroke was not done hard enough or with the
right technique, the stroke did not count and had to be
redone. All told, I got about 30 licks to the ass.

The next lesson was in concentration methods. I was
locked in the stocks as Master explained how he teaches me
concentration. He would give me a problem or question and
I was punished for a wrong answer. The question could be
a math question (142 minus 73), memory test (what color
shirt was Master wearing when we last ate at the Italian
restaurant down the street), or anything else along those
lines (what key is to the right of the zero on a
keyboard). Master began by asking me what color hair the
trainee who whipped my cunt yesterday had; I said brown
and the answer was blond. I got three punishment strokes
with the tawse on the backs of my thighs. Master allowed
his trainees to take over for an hour. Wrong answers got
me some number of strokes to my body and right answers got
me 15 seconds with a vibrator to my clit. Master said we
would play again at the end of the day and if my score did
not improve I’d spend another 2 hours on the wooden pony.

Master next had a competition of sorts for the trainees.
He gave them each an hour to come up with a new torture
technique for me. It had to include bondage and
pain/discomfort and had to be able to last for at least an
hour without intervention. While they were working,
Master spent the hour teasing me with the vibrator –
getting me close to orgasm and then stopping, over and
over again. There were 3 winners who got to see me suffer
their idea as a prize.

1. This entire bondage was done with thick, coarse, hemp
rope. My 2 big toes were tied together, then my ankles,
knees, and thighs. Rope was tied tight around my waist
and then strung front to back running between my ass
cheeks and pussy lips (also tight). Each one of the tits
was circled with rope and then rope was tied around my
chest and back running directly across my nipples. My
thumbs, wrists and elbows were tied behind my back. I was
laid on my stomach. My ankles were raised up and tied to
my wrists in a pseudo-hogtie. Finally, rope was tied
around my head and mouth and then tied pulling my head
back towards my feet. The bondage hurt everywhere and so
did the rope itself. Master liked that it was a twist off
a simple hogtie and was painful but not dangerous.

2. This time I had to lay on my back with my arms tied
stretched above my head. My knees were bent and my feet
were tied 3 feet apart. I had to arch my back, squeeze my
butt and lift it up off the floor. An electrified metal
plate was rested on the ground just below my ass. I had
to hold the position or get zapped in the ass for letting
it touch the ground. The electricity was high enough to
make me scream with each zap. The position was tough
enough that after the first couple minutes I was sweating
and shaking from the physical strain. Master really liked
that if forced me to work my fat ass and was kind enough
to add to my humiliation by writing FAT PIG across my

3. Finally I was tied with my knees together and my arms
under my legs and behind my knees. My tits were circles
with rope that was strung through a pulley on the
ceiling. A crotch rope was tied tightly on me to which a
heavy weight was hung. I was raised by my tits several
feet off the ground, making the weight pull heavily down
and tightening the crotch rope. A large tank of water was
placed under me. The pulley was set to a timer. Every 90
seconds I was lowered into the tank until I was fully
engulfed and could not breathe. The timer was programmed
to keep me under the water for 10, 20, or 30 second
intervals, set randomly. Then I was pulled up again by my
tits to await the next dunking. Master loved that I had
the added mental torment of not knowing how long I would
be forced to hold my breath and had not way to get used to
it. He also liked the added pain to my tits and cunt.

Luckily, the teaching session was almost over.