La Vida Mia
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2006-07-07 14:56:11 (UTC)

July 7, 2006

things to talk about:

1) just got back from venezuela. i had a really good time
and when i get more of an opportunity i will write more
about it.

2) couldnt stop thinking about ft the whole time i was there.

3) jed is back on the lets be boyfriends/i love you kick.

4) hieu is still on the lets be boyfriends/i love you kick
but hes getting better about meeting other people and not
too clingy.

5) i need to find a new job, i need to find a new job, i
need to find a new job, i need to find a new job, i need to
find a new job.

6) work sucks.

7) still cant stop thinking about ft. AND i got alittle
"annoyed" when i started thinking about him kissing that
girl. not sure why. i know/have known about this kind of
shit forever but the day before yesterday it hit me weird.
maybe im upset with him for her.

8) i dont know.

9) gillians dad has cancer, me might die. i know its
horrible but i wish he would. it would be better for
everbody if he did. it would be better for gillian. she
could finally start living her own life. shed be free.
when i found out from tiffaine, i started to cry alittle.
it wasnt for fredrick, it was gillian. i want for her to be
free and happy. but i dont think that will ever happen.

10) i worry about hieu. life seems so emotionally hard for
him. i wish i knew how to help him.

11) i also worry about my mom and my sisters.

12) God protect them all, give them strenght and courage
and help them to be better people. surround them with
warmth and love and give them happiness, the rest of their

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