Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2006-07-06 09:06:23 (UTC)

Farting in public

So, I was in the ole standup stall in our office building
taking a mid-morning leak, when I decided to let one go...
You know what I mean, escape of gaseaous toxins, fumigating
the atmosphere and whathaveyou.

A co-worker happened to be in one of the sit-down stalls and
commented on my anatomical musicianship.
Now, Im thinking to myself... Was I just rude?
But then I think, Where else CAN I let one off? If not for
the designated waste disposal room called "THE TOILET"..

I laughed it off, but it burned me...should I go all
stealthy ninja on the guy one day and free a silent but
violent one near his desk, then comment if this was a more
appropriate place to fart?
Karma is good.