2006-07-02 06:08:44 (UTC)


his face is beautiful i love his voice. he always sounds
like a wierdo lmaoo like hes not sure about something when
hes saying it looks so good on him. hes scary and funny at
the same time. i like kissing him alot more than sex *not
really* but he doesn't want just sex all the time lol. hes
older than me so hes into other things too. I am too it
takes a special person to make me into a sex crazed woman
it doesn't usually happen i think it only happened like
once or twic emy whole life
he is powerfuli would say lucky too tenacious he has
something it isn;'t exactly charisma it is presense at
times . he isn't an attentionwhore but he has something
that you catch on to. like superman the chris reeves
version he has presense and strength and fire even if to
look at him he seems like a moody mellow type very
charming guybut not everyone really knows him or seems to
notice. Some do though. hes a leader a natural one but he
doesn't seem to always accept that. i want to say he is
reseved lol his persona.
he has a really different side to him though . in front
of everyone hes laid back and sounds like he wants no
trouble etc but the coolest thing is he is SUCH A WIERDO.
omfgggg im in shock and im so happy that he is. he writes
these crazy insane hillarious songs you would say it is
out of character but his whole personality is out of
character and puts together books and writes. i love his
books anything that he created because he did it. i love
him to bits and pieces lol