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2006-07-02 06:04:01 (UTC)

more about him

He is so strong and beautiful everything a man should
be plus he is so intelligent. He is so
romantic and warm sometimes it is surprising I guess once
I got to know him I realized this more. He's not violent
at all but I found out what makes him angry. Nothing I did
yet. When he's angry he's funny...except for the one thing
that makes him the angriest. Everything he does is
Most of the time he is a thoughtful type of person who
doesn't rush into things. He knows what all the words mean
hes crazy like that. The one
thing that always surprised me was how he sensitive he is.
I am not a hurtful person but it seems that I have let him
down. Doesn't he remember how much I idiolize him. He can
do no wrong. I only said as much. I mean things
are pretty simple and actions too it is the emotions
sometime that don't make sense.
He makes me feel at ease and inspires me.He is so
generous. I am crazy about him. He is so funny and really
talented. Then he does things for humor that kill me. if
it was anyone else they wouldn't be as funny and I
wouldn't notice but because it is him. He seems like a
gentleman sometimes but once you get to know him he's so
strange in a good way. Just how I like them. He's so
Sometimes I get scared though because I am not sure when
he's serious. He always wants to help me this is one of
the reasons I like him so much I really want to be his
friend and not alienate him with any psycho behavior but I
suppose that would be alright. I never know maybe he
doesn't like people who act crazy because he is crazy.
He turns me on lol I want to rip his clothes off but I
don't do that all the time. He's so funny such a strange
combination of things hard to describe.Hes so eccentric
that it turn sme on. Yeah I can't say enough about
eccentric sometimes he is so very strange it doesn't
bother me atall but evento me i can't make sense of it