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2006-07-01 05:46:59 (UTC)

Then one day he thanked me for..

Then one day he thanked me for being his friend and
keeping him company. I think we hugged and somehow I was
holding his hand. One day it seemed that he kissed me on
the cheek. I don't know how it progressed but somehow it
Then one day I went to his room and I didn't want to
leave. He didn't ask me to leave we slept in the same bed.
All this time I think he is telling me stories about what
his life was like and his late mother. Maybe I thought I
could be his new mother I dunno but I kept getting these
maternal feelings like I wanted to help him or something.
So we were sleeping and I was hugging him. Eventually I
ended up with my clothes off I guess it was kind of my
idea I dunno. But we had sex and I kind of realized that I
wanted this to happen.

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