What To Do??
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2006-06-30 19:19:51 (UTC)

Starting again.

Ok, so I had this freaking diary once before and since I
made it public, I thought I would change my name,ect, just
in case anyone I knew read it. Now, I just have to remember
to use this diary every day.

Things lately have been so difficult. I have had CP on my
mind so much it's pathetic. I can't believe it's been 2
years since he passed away and for the last week I have
been thinking of him non-stop. Dunno what's up with that. I
am feeling really depressed and stuff, though, cause of my
weight. (of course, what else is new??) Me and PS are
talking again and things are going OK I guess. She is who
she is and I guess I have to accept her the way she is. I
totally miss BW!! I think about him, alot, too.

Things with M are great right now. Chemo is over for good
and right now things are steady, got another MRI at the end
of July...hopefully all is good.

I will be 32 in November and sometimes I feel like I am 17.