I Debbie...
2006-06-30 02:02:39 (UTC)

Just Don't Get It

Okay here goes. I just don't get alot of things. Like why
adults spend more time worrying about problems than
sometimes about why they cause them. Or why things are so
much more important than people or forming a commited bond
wit hthose around us. But here is a really big one that I
can't understand. Why is it that a woman can come home and
fix dinner while discussing her day be it at work or at
home and a man can't get his fat ass off the couch without
announcing that he is going to do the dishes first wait an
hour or two and then if the woman hasn't already gotten
tired of waiting and done it, do it. I mean really. I have
a job at a daycare in an infant room. You would think
diapers and bottles and putting kids down for naps not to
mention the paperwork of food programs and curriculum
would be alot. And it is. And by the way I also do the
Hooked on Phonics program for the 4 and 5 year olds. Yes
we have lesson plans and monthly artwork. Now come on like
a 10 month old is really going to do more than try to put
it in his mouth. But it works out . But I digress. I know
he works in customer care at a sauna company. Can be very
stressful in his own job. Granted. But It amazes the hell
out of me that I can put in a 9 hour day at my job, come
home cook dinner and still be on my feet at 8pm and he
hasn't moved off the couch. There are some nights he does
cook or do dishes but it about kills him. It isn't that he
can't he just won't. Tonight I cleaned out the microwave.
This was one of those nights that I got tired of waiting
for him to even acknowledge that there was a couch to be
gotten off of. Oh I will do that after this show. I could
have waited. But I really wanted to clean the microwave.
It was absolutely discusting. It took me all of an hour to
do the dishes and rest of the kitchen including floor and
organize the pantry. Not a major deal. It's not like I
mind most of it. It's just that I feel that it is expected
of me. And I don't know how I got the assignment. I do the
bills. And the grocery shopping. He says he likes when I
go with him. Okay that is sweet. But it seams like pulling
teeth for him to remember to get a gallon of milk at the
store. He will remember to get lumnch for himself but
somehow the milk or bread or meat for dinner is just too
much. Yet when I worked retail and had a second car it
wasn't anything for me to zip over to the same grocery
store for the whatever I needed.

I don't get how I got the role and how I can't seem to
delagate little simple things. Consistantly. I can yell or
plead or suggest and it might work for a week or two but
after that it just goes back to the way it was. And then I
give him a list for when he does decide to go to the store
and somehow it just seems like this big hairy ass ordeal.

And why can't he clean the toilet now and then? I mean
just put the toilet fluid in the bowl, swish it with the
brush and then flush. Not hard or time consuming. You
would think I was asking him to prepare a nitrogen bomb
for loading into a submarine.

And I asked him to see if one of his work buddies would
want to do 4th of July with us. He said he would even
though I know he won't. Why do I even bother to ask
him.Does he not want to be around people? (I guess I am a
bit wound up....) I am bored out of my skull not talking
to people and all he does is sit and stare at the TV. I
like the man but I really want other people to talk to.

I am SO Friggin' Bored With My Life. I go to work come
home clean or watch TV when I don't have something to do
and he surely has nothing ever to say besides yep storm
comin or Southpark is on tonight...and oh my gosh he just
cam in to announce he is going to take the heaping trash
out...put his hat on announced and left, how funny. But
anyway where was I ,, oh yah,..and then start all over
again. We have lived here for about 9 months and no one
here has asked if we could go do something and meant it.
He has had some lunch invites and there was a graduation
party that my assistant directress asked me to go to

Better Go

I Debbie