My life
2006-06-29 06:04:39 (UTC)

*Slide Show*

So on my space i made this slide show, of like 30 pics of
basically the whole group..alyx sent me a comment saying
she jsut watched it and she cried..which says a lot bc
this girl DOES NOT cry..momma talked to suanne today and
she is starting to believe that this whole scott thing
isnt true..momma says that if he passes his lie detector
test then they wont have a strong case at all and it
probably wont go to court..exspecially since Mckenzie is
saying nothing happend and there isn't anything to talk
about. I think that if something happend she wouldn't want
to go to Conseling..because she knows why she's going and
if she was lying and trying not to tell she wouldn't want
to go and the way Suanne tells it (her aunt/guardian) she
loves going that she has fun and she looks forward to it.
Brandon lost his job. I just want this whole thing to go
away..I told momma she should put the guilt trip on maria
and have her drop the whole thing and handle it in the
family. Me and momma were talking about how we are going
to always hold this grudge towards maria for all this. I
can't help it. I mean i hope its not true and i feel bad
for feeling this way if it is..BUT..i know its not true.
Like i know it for a fact. Marissa's mom told me that
pedafiler dosen't just do it once in a while, its a
disease, like an addiction..he would have done it to
me..or kim..or one of my friends. I jsut want to go
freaking home. I haven't talked to Shawn..I figured out
why i typed in his name that day, bc God is telling me i'm
not suppose to be with him. bc now his page says Texas, so
i wouldn't have even known he was in Florida. N if i would
have been down there we'd probably hooked up and i'd be
right back to square one!!!