Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-06-28 19:08:13 (UTC)

tales from the island

blistering heat, cloudless blue sky.

this is what I find when I look out the
the door, expecting to see wind swept beaches
and rain falling from the grey cloudy skies.

I came with expectations of half rained out
days and the feel of the surf, instead I have
not found it at all.

But thats alright, I'm here, I found a place
to live, I have a car (or will by tomorrow eve)
and I have a couple of interviews in the next
few days, which is nice.

I have to remember to go to SFU, UBC and of
course the Vancouver Film school, I should get
off my ass an apply to get into something at
least. But, I have the whole summer to enjoy,
and tofino beach is 5 hours away, oh yes..

this is going to be a very fun summer.

the Year of the Beach.


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