soul survivor
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2006-06-27 19:02:31 (UTC)

Ang and i are firends again

On Sunday me and ang made up.
The we went out on monday for dinner at Earls.
Wsat down and talked of what happend between us and why it
had to escalate to the demise of our friendship.
ONLY ONE PERSON "ADAM" angs pyscho stupid boyfriend who
manipulted into gettin his way.

I totally understand where ang is coming from. I was on
one side, adam was on one and she was in the middle of
this whole thing.

I asked her about the money, and she knew there was no
oneway we could ever steal, but dumb adam insisted we
steal. i guess no matter how many times i told her. i
guess she had to see for herself what kind of person he
was, even if it meant ruining out friendship.
But its over and done with.
and we ar
e friends.

But Cameron doesn't trust her. He thinks it's going to
happen again, but i don't believe it cause i know what
it's like be controlled by someone.

whatever i'm happy i have a good friend with me.