2006-06-27 07:58:02 (UTC)

It's 1:37 a.m...

... I'm at home right now listening to Aerosmiths, dream
on. I adore the song. Got off of work at 10:30 and bussed
it home with a vase of beautiful flowers. I've been tired
for so long, that right now, seems like a piece of cake. I
know I should sleep, but I'm not going to. I've got to go
onto the boat again tomorrow, or rather, in 6 and a half
hours. No cruise, just to receive shipments of liquer for
the bar. This is an honor. It proves to me that I am
reliable. I get the priviledge of more hours at work.
Production is 10 per hour. I'm greateful for Jimmy helping
me out like that. Last week was so much work, but this
week is rather slow. Two people aren't even scheduled. I
got Thursday and Saturday off. Friday I'm only coming in
for some more receiving.

The more I do with this company, the more chances I have
to get hired at a Marriot or some high class hotel. I'd
love to do that. The ideal bartending job for me would
entail hourly, with benefits (health, vision, dental) plus
tips from good tippers, such as 20 per person. I could buy
a house then. I could move in with Chris and start saving
some serious cash for when a house, condo, any more
permanent establishment like that when I'm ready for it.

Had a thought today. I was wondering what my life would be
right now without our relationship. I figure, it would be
great. Great job, more time to sleep, I'd spend more time
with myself to get my goals accomplished... Then it hit
me, that I run away with myself sometimes. If that were
the case, it's just like spending my whole life in school,
and never using what I learned. Chris kinda knocks me down
to that reality. I strive to improve myself always, as
quickly as possible, because there is more stuff to
accomplish, more stuff to learn. Sometimes I forget to
slow down and enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, now I'm getting tired. Might as well
go to sleep. Mother is talking about me taking the car
tomorry, but it's way too much for parking to actually
benefit financially from that endeavor. Ok a little. But
not that worth it.

I love Chris...

Got thursday and Saturday off. He'll love that. Friday I'm
only going in for production too. About 4 hours and I'm
out of there.

Got some cash I want to spend. My best buy account is
payed in full. Not official yet. Should be in by the 28th.
Two more checks and I should be completely out of debt.
Sheizer, the summer has been going too fast. It's almost
July, and I need to do something fantastic with it still.
Still hasn't gotten terribaly hot. Must check weather for
tomorry. Want to suntan.

I was about to list the amounts of things I want versus
those I need, and those I'll eventually get. Maybe not
this year, but soon. But just realized I should not worry
about that right now. Now I can think about what I still
want versus need to do this summer. And on the top of that
agenda are three things...

1. Make love with Chris
2. Visit Karoline in Champagne (could knock first one off
with this one too)
3. Go camping with the gang

more later bye

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