My life
2006-06-27 00:20:12 (UTC)

HE'S BACK!!!! really bored and i'm just typing in names on
myspace to see if anyone i know has it and i put in Shawns
name and guess whos face pops up..his..and it says he
lives in gulf breeze..this was just made yesterday..Kassie
didnt even tell me..i wonder why she hasnt been talking ot
me and i guess this is why. UHH WTF. so i requested to be
his friend, we'll see what happens..when i frist got her i
wasnt myself and i sent his wife or watever she is a email
telling her he cheated, kassie knows i did it. I bet she
told david and shawn. Shes suppose to be my best friend. i
cant beleive he is there. LIke i sat her for 5 min in
complete shock. I leave and he comes back. How great is

Okay..i'm good..i was just freaking and i needed to vent.
But i sent a thing asking him to be my myspace friend..he
accepted and i sent him a message..short and
are you? So your back? i didnt think he'd write me
back..but he did..he didnt comment he sent me a email..he
said..Yah im back and your not here WTF..give me i
can talk to i sent him my number..UH i hope
he calls. This is the first contact i've had with him
since i said goodbye to him. Maybe he'll come and get me.
i hope he mvoed to gb..i mean he i think he did cuz on his
page it says gulf breeze..i'll see what happens.

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